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Technology is so central to the success of many organizations, yet increasingly complex in both what can be done and how to do it. Choosing a provider that fully understands business process, as well as technology, will give you the best result. Welcome to Reyna ITS.

Reyna ITS will serve and care for you, your organization, and your technology

At Reyna ITS we understand your business relies and depends upon technology. What we do is simple: We protect, secure, and manage your technology so you can focus on growing your business. How we do this, well, that's not so simple.

Our information technology services company partners with Microsoft, Comcast for Business, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide you with the IT expertise you need to address your business concerns and help you concentrate on what you do best each day. Our goal is to help small and medium businesses grow, collaborate, and maintain peace of mind through reliable, secure, and personalized technology solutions.

Finding a technology provider you can trust can be a difficult task. Here at Reyna ITS, we combine knowledge and experience as a leading IT company with a personal touch. Please reach out to us so that we can serve your business and find the answers you need.

Case Study

As many do when they travel for vacation, Susan, the director of a local company, took her laptop along with her. However, she did not understand the risk of logging onto a foreign, unsecured Wi-Fi network using her business device. While she worked, someone in an unknown location used the unsecured network to hack into her device. There was no indication of a breach, so Susan remained unaware that the unsecured network had left her laptop vulnerable to attack. Cyber-attacks often go undetected, and Susan had no way of knowing something was jeopardizing her business information and security. Continue Reading

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