Learn more about REYNA ITS

Learn more about REYNA ITS

Technology is so central to the success of many organizations, yet increasingly complex in both what can be done and how to do it. Choosing a provider that fully understands business process, as well as technology, will give you the best result.

Committed to the Highest Levels of Service

We help our customers thrive and grow by adding value through the use of information technologies. Our role is to first thoroughly understand what you do and need, then demystify the many options and carefully plan and implement the exact right solution. Whether it’s migration to the cloud, nearshore outsourcing, IT consulting, or application development, we are always seeing IT from your perspective. We provide our services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) in the private sector, as well as to the state and federal government in the public sector.

Why Reyna ITS should be your choice.

Our partnerships
– Our partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Comcast Business allow us to provide you with unbiased advice to create best-in-class solutions matched to your needs.

Our knowledge and experience – We are an award-winning company with expertise in cutting edge technology. From the Department of the Navy to local home-grown businesses, it’s been our privilege to serve and support a wide range of organizations since 2008. Prior to starting REYNA ITS, our founders held significant roles with the world’s largest provider of IT services.

Our business philosophy – Reyna ITS was founded on the philosophy of total commitment to our customers, our employees, and our business. We measure our success through our customers’ satisfaction and confidence, our employees’ morale, and our repeat engagements.

Our team of professionals – Our people are the cornerstone of our success. They participate in continuous professional and technical development training, enabling them to expand their skill sets and stay up-to-date on the latest in technology. Many have types and levels of certifications that make them uniquely qualified to add value to specialized projects. This depth of talent and expertise allows Reyna ITS to provide the best information and service to solve your particular IT challenges.

Our diversity certifications – Reyna ITS holds Woman and Minority-owned certifications that can help you achieve your organization’s program supplier diversity goals and objectives.

Business is challenging. Technology can help. Get the right provider on your team.