Application Development

Application Development

Do you have an idea and need someone to help you bring it to life? Do you lack the resources or experience to develop an application?

We create the applications for you.

Do you have an application that you cannot enhance or maintain?

We can help you maintain, enhance, and modernize your applications.

Do you need to add functionality to or replace your applications?

We can help you do that.

We provide application development services across the full application development life cycle using Agile methodology. We conduct this cycle on a variety of platforms, including client/server, internet/intranet/extranet, desktop, mid-tier, and mainframe platforms.

Along with traditional application development, we also offer a way to efficiently develop, run, and manage applications through Platform as a Service (PaaS). In a PaaS cloud service model, the PaaS provider hosts the hardware and software used for application development on its own infrastructure and delivers it as a service.

●  By not having to install in-house software and hardware for application development, we reduce the cost, time, and defect rate for development, deployment, and maintenance of your new or existing applications.


If you have a project that you’ve always wanted to complete but can’t find the time or expertise to do so, we can help. Please use the contact form and ask us a question to learn more.

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    "Reyna ITS provided their team’s prior knowledge and expertise on a critical customer application to us and played the key role in re-architecting this application system using the newest message queuing technology from IBM. Reyna ITS’ people are highly competent and professional." - Executive PM for a large DoD consulting firm