Case Study

As many do when they travel for vacation, Susan, the director of a local company, took her laptop along with her. Her intentions to remain available to her employees are commendable and show her commitment to her business. Plus, she had anti-virus protection installed on her computer and naturally felt safe connecting to the internet through a different network. However, she did not understand the risk of logging onto a foreign, unsecured Wi-Fi network using her business device. Susan worked when necessary from her sunny destination. While she worked, someone in an unknown location used the unsecured network to hack into her device. There was no indication of a breach, so Susan remained unaware that the unsecured network had left her laptop vulnerable to attack. Cyber-attacks often go undetected, and Susan had no way of knowing something was jeopardizing her business information and security. 

Susan returned home from her trip and went back to work. A few days later, Susan noticed something odd while working on her laptop in her office. Her cursor was moving independently, as though someone was controlling it from elsewhere. Unsettling as this was, Susan made the great decision to call Reyna ITS. We discovered that through the seemingly safe Wi-fi network, an unwelcome user had accessed her laptop and all its data. 

Recognizing immediately that her device was no longer safe to use, we took action to identify, analyze, and solve the problem. We quickly located the source of the attack to ensure a comprehensive solution. Our process successfully recovered all of Susan’s data and ensured the information left on her device was clean and uninfected. Although Susan consulted other companies for help, Reyna ITS was the only one who could locate the root cause of the problem to try and prevent it from happening again. 

Susan’s story is unfortunately quite common. It could happen to anyone. Our professionals will help you recover from such an attack and establish measures to prevent future infections to your technology. Call us to learn more about how we helped Susan and how we can help you today.