Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery and availability of compute power, data storage, applications, and other IT resources as services through a secure platform via a network (usually the internet) with pricing based on the resources and services utilized.

Why Use the Cloud?

There are many ways that transitioning to the cloud would benefit your organization. Below are just a few of the reasons cloud computing can add considerable value:

Cost efficient –
Cloud computing platforms feature a pay-as-you-go model with no up-front commitments or long-term contracts. You only pay for the power, storage, and resources you actually use.

Reliable – Based on multi-billion dollar global computing infrastructure, cloud-based systems perform at the highest levels and are not subject to local outages or hardware problems.

Flexible – Cloud platforms allow you to pick and choose the applications best suited for the needs of your organization. Operating systems, databases, programming languages, and web application platforms are all customizable. This flexibility smooths the migration path for your existing applications and gives you options to build new solutions.

Scalable – Cloud platforms allow fast and economical scaling of resources when you need them most. Unlike on-premise solutions which can take weeks or months to research, purchase, install, and activate, cloud resources are quickly available to scale up or down with the needs of your business.


We are the only IT organization in the region who is both a Microsoft Certified Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) and cloud services partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and we are ready to help your organization maximize its cloud potential. Please get in touch so we can analyze your particular needs, clearly explain your options, and plan a smooth and successful transition for you and your team.


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