Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery and availability of compute power, data storage, applications, and other IT resources as services through a secure platform via a network (usually the internet) with pricing based on the resources and services utilized.

Why Cloud?

Simply put, you can accomplish more and work anytime from anywhere and across a variety of devices and platforms.

Do email problems feel like a constant burden during your workday? Do you feel like security threats are interrupting your workflow?

Consider transitioning to the cloud and Microsoft 365, which provides a reliable solution to your everyday problems at work.

The cloud offers tools and services that can help you increase productivity, flexibility, security, and savings. Think of it more like an investment in peace of mind, so that you can focus on what you do best. Our Microsoft 365 implementation services will help you make this valuable transition.

What is the cloud?

The cloud is an outside host which allows you to store all your information in an internet-based location. Instead of storing everything on your hard drive, you can store it in one central location, accessible from anywhere, anytime.

The cloud can help you:

●  Accomplish more: smart email and calendar functions enable you to stay on track.
●  Work from anywhere, anytime: flexible usage options allow you to access all your information safely from wherever you want, on any device you want.
●  Protect your business: Built-in security helps protect against external threats, data leaks and device misuse.
●  Keep costs in line: hosted cloud service removes the surprise of unplanned software costs, while providing automatic updates and fixes.

SMBs gain a lot from the Cloud:

●  94% of small businesses report security benefits since moving to the cloud.1
●  Forrester Consulting estimated SMBs can save $16,000 a year on IT with the cloud.2

We are the only IT organization in the region who is both a Microsoft Certified Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) and cloud services partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and we are ready to help your organization maximize its cloud potential. Please get in touch so we can analyze your particular needs, clearly explain your options, and plan a smooth and successful transition for you and your team.

1 Microsoft, “Cloud Security, Privacy and Reliability Trends Study,” June 2013.

2 “The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Office 365,” a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Microsoft, November 2016.

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