Training Services

Training Services

You have enough to worry about. We can give your employees the knowledge they need to harness the full power of their Microsoft 365 workloads and transform the way they work.

Training Services.

Have you experienced any of the following?

Have you invested in Microsoft 365, but seem to be doing the same things you did before? Our training services enable you to use Microsoft 365 to its fullest capacity.

Do you need help training your employees about Microsoft 365? Our training services provide user-friendly tutorials for Microsoft 365 programs like Outlook, OneDrive, and much more.

Did you know you can offer continuous training for your entire staff for a fraction of the average cost of one course for a single user? We can help.

What is our training platform?

●  One-stop solution for Reyna ITS serviced customers implementing Microsoft adoption and training tools.

●  360-degree training and adoption platform that helps users adopt Microsoft technologies faster, work better together, and ultimately change the way they work.

What does our training platform do?

●  Addresses the evolving needs of Microsoft 365 customers by offering targeted learning content at each stage of deployment and adoption.
●  Provides self-paced learning accessible at the convenience of your employees
●  For a few dollars per user, you have access to a vast training platform
●  Allows your employees to customize their Microsoft training based on what best suits their learning needs
●  Enables companies to upload their own training content
●  Offers additional resources for further learning

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